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Patch.Com: Costa Mesa Measure X Gives City a Plan for Recreational Marijuana

…The facilities will be allowed north of the San Diego (405) Freeway and west of Harbor Boulevard, except in the SOCO shopping center, said attorney Randall Longwith…

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OC Register: Medical marijuana: How some Orange County cities are relaxing their rules on pot


….Many in the cannabis industry say the state law is why local leaders are suddenly open to their business, often reversing longstanding opposition.

“There has definitely been a shift over the past year,” said attorney Randall Longwith, who helped qualify one of Costa Mesa’s citizen initiatives…..

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OCRegister: Desert City Adelanto hopes cultivating marijuana will save it

….  In Adelanto, supporters see acceptance of an industry that’s still shunned elsewhere as confirmation that the city is living up to its name, which means “progress” in Spanish.

“Tomorrow, they’ll be on the correct side of history and be recognized as a city that actually embraced safety and embraced something that heals people,” said Randall […]

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OCRegister: Cities move to keep marijuana cultivation, delivery authority out of state hands

….But Santa Ana’s ban reaffirmation was only slightly disappointing to people in the marijuana industry.

Randall Longwith, a lawyer for several dispensaries mainly in Santa Ana, said the wave of bans doesn’t hurt his clients.

“What it does is it’s just simply vesting power and control to the city but it still allows them to amend that […]

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OC Register: First licensed pot dispensary opens in Santa Ana, sees no more obstacles

… South Coast Safe Access – operating with two secretaries who check for medical marijuana identification cards, eight “budtenders,” two security guards and a manager – helped the city draft the Measure BB, according to the collective’s lawyer, Randall Longwith.

The lottery and Measure BB are under fire by superior and federal court lawsuits by individuals […]

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NPR/KPCC-FM: Medical marijuana proponents find a novel way to skirt city bans in OC

Orange County lawyer Randall Longwith has been hired by about 75 eager medical marijuana growers and suppliers across California to find a way to legitimize medical marijuana in O.C. cities where it is currently illegal.
And he thinks he’s found a way to do so: the voter initiative process.

Two years ago, the California State Supreme Court dealt […]

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OCWeekly: B-Real of Cypress Hill Wants to Bring Dr. Greenthumb to Santa Ana

…..Longwith rattled off a laundry list of issues that need to be resolved before the legal dispensaries open for business. Although Measure BB states that security guards should be present at the dispensaries, there is no provision for them to be armed. Given that banks refuse to create accounts for pot clubs, they operate on […]

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OCRegister: Marijuana advocates sue Costa Mesa to force special election

The attorneys behind two 2014 petitions to bring medical marijuana dispensaries to Costa Mesa are suing the city in an attempt to force a special election by month’s end that would allow voters to decide whether cannabis collectives come to town.

The lawsuits, filed Wednesday in Orange County Superior Court, come a day after Costa Mesa […]

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Voice of OC: Santa Ana Holds Lottery for Legal Medical Pot Shop Licenses

….Randall Longwith, a Fullerton-based attorney and cannabis advocate involved in several city initiatives, said the process has unfolded without incident, but criticized the use of a public lottery.

“You should be vetting people up front, figuring out who doesn’t have a criminal record and all of that, and then have the lottery,” said Longwith, who has helped author medical […]

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OCRegister: Cannabis crusader asks “Isn’t it time that regulated medical pot shops come to your town?”

Attorney Randall T. Longwith sits behind the desk in his spacious, brick-walled Fullerton office like a general in a war room, flanked by zoning maps of the cities where he’s aiming to bring medical marijuana dispensaries next.

Anaheim, Huntington Beach, Garden Grove, Westminster, Tustin, Placentia and Fullerton – they’re all on his maps.

Three months after Longwith’s […]

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