The Longwith Group provides a full spectrum of legal services to clients professionally active in California’s medical marijuana and emerging cannabis industry. Attorney Randall Longwith has developed TLG’s cannabis law practice to reflect his success representing the legal needs of clients requiring licensing, regulatory, business development, public policy and criminal defense counsel for California compliant medical marijuana operations and related enterprises.

The Longwith Group today represents a diverse client base of best practice medical marijuana patients, collectives, dispensary operators, cultivators, product manufacturers and service providers seeking legal clarity for their California compliant operations. The TLG platform aligns the legal experience of its founder with a team of specialized counselors able to navigate the complex landscape of California’s medical marijuana marketplace and ever evolving regulatory climate. The cannabis law team at TLG specializes in:

Public Policy – The Longwith Group is one of Southern California’s few legal practices experienced in California’s legislative process and the drafting of citizen initiatives introducing licensing and regulatory structure for medical marijuana operations in local municipalities. The platform can point to its experience establishing common ground for initiatives balancing community interests with the needs of best practice medical marijuana operators to forge clear, articulate municipal code for licensing and zoning within California compliant standards.

Civil Litigation – The diverse local interpretations of California’s Prop. 2015 (Compassionate Use Act), SB 420 (Medical Marijuana Program Act) and the subsequent California State Attorney General’s guidelines have created an inconsistent landscape for medical marijuana dispensaries and cultivations seeking compliant locations for the operations. The Longwith Group specializes in navigating the various challenges presented to California compliant medical marijuana dispensaries and cultivators seeking to establish best practice operations in local communities throughout the state.

Legal Defense – As one of Southern California’s leading criminal defense lawyers, Attorney Randall Longwith has represented clients through countless misdemeanor and felony cases related to medical marijuana and the cannabis industry. His fierce advocacy and nuanced understanding of legal due process for regulated medical marijuana and legal cannabis in California has earned him a reputation as a dedicated advocate for medical marijuana professionals and patients exercising their rights established by state law.

Real Estate – The Longwith Group is experienced in all facets of real estate law, representing the interests of both tenants and landlords in property agreements for California-compliant medical marijuana operations. TLG’s legal team provides astute legal counsel during all phases of the transaction process, including providing due diligence, lease negotiation, investment sales and indemnification services.

Business Law – The Longwith Group offers experienced legal counsel able to navigate all facets of business law pertinent to California compliant medical marijuana professionals and the issues that arise as these entities interact with the public, other companies, and the government. TLG offers expertise across a variety of legal disciplines, including formation, tax law, intellectual property, trademark, contractual agreements, sales and employment law.

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